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Improve your communication skills with actionable
analytics by our proprietary A.I. technology.
Completely online, private, customizable,
and instant results.


Anytime, anywhere

Free yourself from the awkwardness to speak with people and shy to ask for help and advice when you do preparation. Rehearse at your own comfortable pace and personal space with only a laptop connected to a microphone until you are confident to go.


Comprehensive 360° Analysis & All-In-One Solution

Your rehearsal will be analyzed by our A.I. technologies which performance is akin to hiring a personal speech coach. Get a comprehensive analysis report on your visual, vocal, and audience perception to prepare you to become a good communicator.


Feedback & Action Plans

Imagine your communication is like a car engine. You can now become a mechanic because you have an evaluation tool that shows evidence to know exactly which part of your engine is not contributing to high performance. You will know what and how to improve with our exhaustive list of practical improvement suggestions.


Effective Practice Makes Perfect

Practice your communication and compete with users from all over the world. Effective and continuous practice will not only boost your confidence, grow your influence, but it will also build your charisma and leadership to prepare you for any kind of professional and social situation.

Change Your World
with Better Communication Skills

Be Accepted
For Your Values

Be Heard
For Your Ideas

Be Seen
For Your Talents

Highlights of the Features

All the insights you need to communicate better are built into one platform.

Tailored to All
Communication Purposes

No matter you are practicing to build your charisma and confidence in your daily conversation, or rehearsing to impress the audience, you can set your communication objectives into our A.I. to suit your needs.


We are not only raising your awareness on what you should improve and how the audience might perceive you from how you speak, but also curating bite-sized and useful resources to tackle your problems directly.


A healthy competition will let you grow faster. Benchmark yourself against the other users from all over the world after each practice to know how you perform and motivate yourself to improve.

Built for the Go-Getters

Comprehensive solution that aims to build your confidence,
charisma, influence and leadership skills

Anyoneto improve English fluency

Job Seekersfor job interview and presentation

All Occupationsthat need effective communication skills

Podcaster/Youtuber/Emceeto entertain people

Entrepreneursfor business pitching

Public Speakersto spread ideas

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