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to Shine Bright

4 simple steps to practice your job interview, pitching,
public speaking, daily conversation, hosting, podcasting,
live streaming, and any other communication purposes online.


Anytime, anywhere

Start your rehearsal your way, wherever you like and whenever you feel comfortable.

  • Daily Challenge

    Practice your conversation daily for just up to 2 minutes by answering different questions and topics. You will be given random questions every day that train you to think fast, speak more fluently and confidently.

  • Customizable

    Choose the setting of your rehearsal to get a customized report that helps you achieve your communication goal. This includes your communication purpose, intention (inform, persuade, or entertain), and how you want the audience to perceive you so you can achieve the maximum impact for your communication.

  • Flexibility

    Rehearse up to 18-min each time and choose if you want to record audio-only or video. If you choose a video, Rehearso will also analyze your video’s background, body position, and brightness to evaluate if it is professional and engaging for an online conference or job interview from the viewer’s perspective.


Comprehensive 360° Analysis & All-In-One Solution

Get your performance scores and feedback that evaluate your video settings, how you speak, how you perform, and how the listeners might perceive you from how you communicate.

  • Visual

    Eye contact, expressions, and hand gestures. Based on your visual communication, Rehearso identifies moments when your body language does not seem to be aligned with your message content. Even better, our system also pinpoints the gestures that may make people perceive you negatively.

  • Vocal

    Speaking rate, fillers, pauses, articulation and clarity, pitch and intonation, and energy. Rehearso evaluates if the way you speak and produce your sound will help you achieve your desired impression and communication goal.

  • Audience Perception

    Know if the people are informed, persuaded, or entertained based on how you communicate. Rehearso’s A.I. model will evaluate your word choice, script, vocal, body language, and emotional flow of your communication to help you determine if you are able to impress the audience with your chosen goal.


Feedback & Improvement Suggestions

Identify the exact areas for improvement. Polish them with comprehensive and practical advice on speaking and writing.

  • Evidence Points of Interest

    The time point of your rehearsal to show which part requires your attention or improvement. These evidence points will help you to be aware of the weaknesses in your communication and also control the emotional flow of your speech delivery.

  • Feedback

    Detailed and concise analysis of the vocal, visual, and audience perception will be provided for areas where you need to improve. The report tells you why it needs attention and how the way you communicate may affect people’s impression of you.

  • Action Plans

    Explicit improvement suggestions on what to do to enhance your performance in vocal, visual, and audience perception. Even better, Rehearso sources for relevant reading and video materials as well as practices for you to improve instantly.


Effective Practice Makes Perfect

Repeat the whole process as many times as you need until you are confident. Good communication skills will lead you to a better future where you will be seen and heard for what you have, to offer, to help making this world a better place, and also better connection with people around you.

  • Exportable Media

    All your rehearsal media are downloadable. If you are satisfied with your performance, download your rehearsal media in audio or video format for online job video interview submission, editing, or share to your website and social media profiles to influence people with your ideas.

  • Privacy Matters

    Your privacy is our priority. All your data, including your rehearsals, are protected with the highest enterprise-grade security. Read more about your data in our privacy policy.

  • Competitive Leaderboard

    Compete with other users to see how you perform and benchmark yourself against the other users from all over the world.

How Rehearso Helps

Most people don’t realize that what looked spontaneous was rehearsed over and over and over

John Sculley, former Apple CEO on Harvard Business Review

Observeyour unconscious speaking habits and how you interact with people

Experimentdifferent ways to express the same idea and choose the best one with the help of scores and feedback

Get used tohow you feel and what to do in the actual speaking situation

Inspectif certain parts that are meant to be a joke, emotional, or inspiring is successful

Controlyour negative body language and practice good ones to avoid compromising your good script, an impressive resume, or a good intention

Measurethe time of the speech delivery to feel in control

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