How to Express Yourself as an Introvert

Taking some clues from Keanu Reeves on how he makes people know what he feels and who he is.

How to Express Yourself as an Introvert

Keanu Reeves is arguably one of the best examples today who has successfully shown the introvert nation that they can make people like them and catch people's attention, even if they are shy. It is not only because we know how generous he is, but also how he presents himself in front of the public. It is the way he interacts with people that makes people feel that he is authentic and humble. While introverts don't really enjoy being the attention, we can learn how Keanu Reeves talks to people that make us realize he is the nicest people around.

Don't be shy to praise others


In 2019, a fan yelled, "You're breathtaking!" as he walked onstage. He gave a bashful smile and redirected the praise to the fan, "You're breathtaking!" Then, he did not forget about the other people and said, "You're all breathtaking!"

When people compliment you, you can be really shy. Instead of thinking less of yourself, you can learn to think more of others by praising people too. When Keanu Reeves received an award, he'd spend a significant amount of time talking about other people who made him there.


And he said it sincerely and enthusiastically. Some introverts might feel awkward praising others, but you should have the confidence to say what's on your mind.

Show your excitement when you meet people

Some people can feel shy to show excitement to meet people. Here's how Keanu Reeves makes people feel he was glad to meet them as a shy person in a subtle but powerful way:


  1. He came in in an energetic manner when he's introduced;
  2. He did not just look at the host, but also greeted the audience;
  3. He shook the host's hands firmly by using both of his hands; and
  4. After he sat down, you can see he mirrored the host's gestures constantly.

Tips: Mirroring the person's speaking style and gestures is an excellent way to show you like them, and you're fully engaged in the conversation.

Sometimes, we can think introverts do not like to meet us at all because they are often quiet and do not show any emotions on their faces. To enhance your relationship with people and let them know that you are actually glad to see them, show it. Don't be shy!

Use expressive hand gestures


Keanu Reeves has always been super expressive when he talks. This helps people to stay engaged with him.

If you noticed, he always places his hand near his heart or makes a praying gesture when he first meets the people and accepts something. This shows that he is sincere and it is a heartfelt moment for him. When you use hand gestures as you talk, you show people that you like talking to them and want to share your story with them. You also make the whole conversation a lot more fun!

Introverts can be mistakenly perceived as someone who wants to be alone all the time and does not have emotions, but you could be feeling so much behind that face you are putting on because you feel shy to express yourself. Just as Keanu Reeves did, learn to express yourself with words, gestures, expressions, or even all of them so people understand you better! We often feel connected to people who show their feelings and also give them a chance to know you more.

Introverts just have to learn to be yourself and take off that awkward mask so you can enjoy a relationship with anyone. Let your character speaks the loudest for you. You will want to be alone sometimes, but that does not mean you should alienate yourself from the people or avoid establishing a meaningful relationship with them.

You can feel unnatural if you are not used to expressing what you think, especially when talking in front of crowds. This is why preparing a script and putting in stories and emotive language is important to let people feel connected and perceive you fairly for who you are. Then, you should rehearse your speech so you feel comfortable expressing it and get yourself mentally prepared. Remember that the only way to express yourself, is by using words, gestures, and/or facial expressions! Just use whatever feels the most natural for you.

Let's end this with Keanu Reeves on The Ellen Show. Watch his body language and what he says even when he feels really shy about Ellen DeGeneres talked about Sandra Bullock, who admitted she had a bit of a crush on him: