Quick tips on writing a simple but powerful script like Steve Jobs'

Quick tips on writing a simple but powerful script like Steve Jobs'

Apple's products are known for their simple and sleek design, the same principle applies to Steve Jobs' speech too. During his commencement address at the Stanford University in 2005, he gave what is considered one of the greatest speeches of the world today. It is not only because of the lessons, but also the simple layout of how he composed the script.

He started the script by making fun of himself that he has never been graduated from college but he was giving a speech at one of the finest universities in the world. Just 39 words in his opening, and he went on to let the audience expect that he was there to tell just three stories. He started each story with a simple phrase. Here is exactly what he said:

The first story is about connecting the dots.
"My second story is about love and loss."
"My third story is about death."

Then he went on to tell the story and he ended it with life lessons and reflections before he moved on to the next point. Even though these are three different stories, but he chronologically arranged them. It became easy for the audience to imagine and grasp a rough idea of what he had gone through. If you noticed, the three anecdotes represented exactly just this—birth, reborn, and death. It is a simple structure of a speech, yet everyone couldn't help but be mesmerized by his words because they are filled with quotes and advice that are worth to be remembered. Just like how he ended the speech with four words:

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Communication is always about connection. And no better connection can be established by using story and harnessing human's ability to imagine. If you want to connect instantly with people, learn how to express yourself and tell a story. You can practice this skill at Rehearso with its AI analysis that is based on the data of the greatest speakers in the world to know if you are a good storyteller. It is not about using beautiful words or complicated structure for your script. It is about being yourself and authentic.

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