Tricks to Look Cheerful and Authentic When You Talk

Tricks to Look Cheerful and Authentic When You Talk
We'd say she is actually the master of eyebrows.

Why everyone thinks the mother of dragons, Emilia Clarke is authentic and you would always stay engaged with her when she talks? When I first saw her in the movie "Me Before You", I couldn't help but fall in love with her. She just looks like a cheerful and genuine person! Why everyone seems to be like talking to her? Our answer is:

1. She is absolutely a master at telling a story whenever a question is asked;

2. She smiles, a lot;

3. She talks with eyebrows flashing. She is being super expressive with her emotions whenever she talks. I've lost count of how many expressions she can make with her eyebrows.

Now you know what to do to make people like you instantly. But we'd like to elaborate more on eyebrow flash here. Eyebrow flashing is attractive because it is a sign of positivity—approval, interest, agreement, and happiness. When you talk with this expression, you call attention to your face and this is why we have no choice but to be hooked by her. So you want to be liked? Learn these tricks from Emilia Clarke!

Watch how she talks here: